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Maximize Your Transformation with Daily Guided Meditation

You're on a powerful journey with "Your Best Self." As you dive deep into self-improvement, consistent meditation can amplify your growth and cement the changes you're making.

Introducing The 10 Minute Mind: This program is used in over 70 colleges and universities worldwide and is your daily dose of tranquility and insight. This perfectly complements "Your Best Self," ensuring that every day starts with clarity, focus, and calmness.

For the initial 10 days, enjoy the transformative meditations absolutely free. After this period, continue your journey for just $9 a month. Remember, you have the power to cancel anytime, but with the serenity you'll experience, you'll want to make this a lasting routine.

Add The 10 Minute Mind Monthly to your order now and make daily mindfulness an integral part of your transformation journey. Empower "Your Best Self" with meditation that truly makes a difference.

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Unleash Tranquility with The Stress Meditation Program

Are you ready to reclaim your peace? By enrolling in The Stress Meditation Program, you're taking a proactive step towards mastering your stress.

Dive into a curated collection of three transformative guided meditations. Each one is meticulously designed to:

  • Immediately soothe and calm your racing thoughts.
  • Fortify your inner resilience against future stressors.
  • Offer a lasting sanctuary whenever life's pressures mount.

Empower yourself. Build resilience. Welcome peace.

ENROLL NOW and turn the tide against stress.

What People Are Saying:

I am always on the move with my college studies. I struggle to find a rest from the stress that I feel I am consistently under. The Stress Meditation Program has helped me immensely. I use these meditations often. Most importantly I remember the messages from them when I am seeing my stress levels rise. A wonderful program.

Sally Waldron - New York

Thank you for these meditations Monique! I have them at the ready and when the stress overtakes me, which it often does, I use them as my go to. They are now an essential part of my stress toolkit.

Tami Soriano - Austin

I suffer from a lot of stress. I have seen a big change in myself using these fantastic stress meditations regularly.

Alison Paston - London

I love these meditations. I rotate them throughout the week and they keep me calm!

Jamie Toms - Sydney