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The Stress Meditation Program

Enroll in The Stress Meditation Program and start to take charge of your stress!

You'll receive three powerful stress-busting guided meditations that will enable you to not only decrease your stress in the short term but also increase your resilience to it. 

What People Are Saying:

I am always on the move with my college studies. I struggle to find a rest from the stress that I feel I am consistently under. The Stress Meditation Program has helped me immensely. I use these meditations often. Most importantly I remember the messages from them when I am seeing my stress levels rise. A wonderful program.

Sally Waldron - New York

Thank you for these meditations Monique! I have them at the ready and when the stress overtakes me, which it often does, I use them as my go to. They are now an essential part of my stress toolkit.

Tami Soriano - Austin

I suffer from a lot of stress. I have seen a big change in myself using these fantastic stress meditations regularly.

Alison Paston - London

I love these meditations. I rotate them throughout the week and they keep me calm!

Jamie Toms - Sydney