$500.00 USD

The Happiness Baseline Accountability Deposit Refund

To qualify for the The Happiness Baseline Accountability Deposit refund you have to complete your The Happiness Baseline online program within 10 weeks of joining the course.

This means you have to have

  • Watched all the videos
  • Listened to all of the audios
  • Completed all of the exercises and assessments on a daily basis

Please make sure you fulfil all of the above conditions before you submit your refund request as we are able to check in our systems what has been completed and when. The purpose of this course is to create new habits. And it's vital that you practise those habits daily. Our team can see exactly when you complete every task and assessment and therefore if you fill out multiple days in one day you will not be eligible for the refund. We want you to succeed at the course and get the results and this is reliant on you consistently doing the exercises. 

If you qualify this is what you need to do next:

STEP 1. Fill in and submit refund request form above by midnight US Pacific Time within 10 weeks of the date you were registered for the course. 
(Important: The Happiness Baseline will NOT grant refunds to any late refund requests and will only grant refunds to customers who submitted refund request form. Contacting The Happiness Baseline customer support does not count as refund request).

STEP 2. After we receive your refund request, we will proceed with the refund eligibility verification process between 5 and 7 days. If we have questions or need additional verification, we will get in touch via email.

STEP 3. Once your eligibility is verified and confirmed you’ll receive confirmation email, and all refunds will be processed within 3 working days from the date you are confirmed

STEP 4. Once we process your refund you’ll lose access to The Happiness Baseline on The Happiness Baseline platform.

Pay What You Want Option

The Accountability Bond refund is a no questions asked policy if you complete the course within the 10 weeks. However if you find The Happiness Baseline beneficial, we will give you the opportunity at the end to support Monique and her incredible work by contributing some of your bond back to help with the costs of the program. 

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The Happiness Baseline®

Join The Happiness Baseline - the course where 100% of people who complete the course increase their happiness levels!

To ensure that you finish the course and increase your happiness levels all we ask for is a fully refundable $500 accountability bond (we call it the Happiness Bond). 


So far we have a 100% success rate - this means every single person who has completed The Happiness Baseline has increased their happiness levels.

We know these results are phenomenal and we are so excited about them!  

You will have 10 weeks from the date of purchase to complete the 8 week course. It will take you between 1 and 4 hours a week to watch the videos and do the exercises. They are fun, engaging, and easy! Within 10 weeks, drop us an email and as long as you have completed the course, watched the videos and done the exercises we will issue you with a no questions asked refund. 

So let's get you started!

Here is what a few of the people who completed The Happiness Baseline have said about the course:

“I am a better person due to this course. I am so thankful it was sent from the universe and landed in my life.

- Joyce Stiles Downey, CA USA

"I thought I was happy before I started The Happiness Baseline. But week by week, something started to open something up inside of me. And I realized I had tapped into a sense of peace and happiness that felt so pure. From that place, I was able to uncover and release a limiting belief that had been holding me back for years. I really owe this transformation to Monique and this awesome program. I had no idea that I could feel like I do today. I can honestly say it changed my life for the better. I know without a doubt that after The Happiness Baseline, I am a better mom, wife, sister, and friend."

- Heather Campbell, Boulder, CO USA  

"This course is amazing! I have learnt so much about the places that block my happiness. it's easy, it's fun and most importantly I got results! I'm literally so much happier!"

- Sandy Tener, Sydney, Australia

"I feel so lucky to have been able to be a part of The Happiness Baseline course. It has helped me overcome the serious panic and anxiety I was experiencing on a daily basis. Monique is an amazing teacher and this is an amazing course. Thank you!"

-Andrew Collins, London, UK

This is the course I needed. In 8 weeks I have made a big shift in myself. I start my days so much more joyful and positive. So many people in my life have noticed a difference in me. A life changer. Monique - you rock!"

- Sally Maples, Taranaki, New Zealand